Self indication 

Do you feel that stomach twisting, anxiety building, doubtless confusion? Confusion; the state of being unclear in ones mind.Do you feel lost when that void fills that void? Void; a completely empty space. 

Do you know how to describe it? Is it hard to explain? It; used to refer to something previously mentioned or easily identified. 

The lack of internal self identification with your conscious can malfunction your external self. 

Our physical bodies dish out questions without answers in regards to ourselves. We project confusion that cause voids in our conscious, even when our heart is pleased. It, cannot be easily identified, but only its characteristics. It, derives from a lack of vulnerability, an abundance of confusions and never ending voids filling the absence of what?

Do you know what it is to be vulnerable? Synonyms: helpless, defenseless, powerless, impotent. 

Self indication 

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